Stitch-bonding machines for nonwoven processing
The remarkably wide-ranging applications for plain stitch-bonded loose or prebonded fibrous webs, substrates and other stitchable materials require a perfected machine technology as well as a diversity of optional component groups, in order to guarantee ideal product properties. Pinkert machines´ MALIWATT stitch bonding machine is convincing by its extreme flexibility, by its simple and solid construction as well as by its very user-friendly operation. The distinctive features of this machine are its high production output as well as its high degree of variation in terms of feeding most different kinds of materials.

This machine offers well-tried quality by pinkert machines together with innovative solutions:

Optimized driving elements
State-of-the-art materials and complex detailed solutions, especially for the drive technology and for the feeding systems, enable high machine speeds, whilst ensuring a gentle processing of the fibrous materials.

Special economic features
Along with innovative solutions in the drive technology and a lot of detailed technical improvements for operating cost reduction, the direct drive of a second main shaft and the use of CFRP bars (for working widths >= 4000mm) are the most remarkable elements, offering our customers a further increase in productivity and efficiency.

Future-proof equipment
Thanks to KAMCOS® all the machines are easily operated by the modern Touchscreen control. Furthermore, you can monitor and control them within the company network and exercise a remote diagnosis via the Teleservice.

Solid and reliable
In spite of the various high-tech functions, our machines remain a typical pinkert machines product: durable, reliable and a masterpiece of engineering.


The MALIWATTmachine is a high performance stitch-bonding machine for the plain or partial stitch-bonding of loose or prebonded fibrous webs, substrates and other stitchable materials.

The distinguishing feature of the MALIWATT technology is the wide variety of products and machine versions available. High working speeds and large working widths ensure enormous production outputs. ln this way, it is possible to fully utilize the high performance of modern web-forming machines with continuous operation.

ln principle, all cardable fiber kinds and fiber blends can be processed, including recycling fibers as well as all stitchable materials, which are used as base fabrics within a wide range of thicknesses and weights per unit area. Moreover, another benefit for the user is the possibility to employ manifold knitting threads from very thin to very thick.

The strength/elongation behaviour in longitudinal/cross directions can be adjusted by means of the following parameters: base fabric material/knitting thread material, weight per unit area, machine gauge, stitch construction and yarn tension of knitting threads as well as stitch length.

Even more areas of applications are opened up by the possibility to form pile loops (single-face pile structures). 0n customer's special request, the machine can be equipped with additional component groups such as e.g. base fabric feeding units, spreading devices, additional fabric line cutting devices, etc.

household and cleaning cloths
secondary carpet backings
Lining fabrics for shoes / garments
adhesive tapes
Velcro-type fasteners (base side)
Packaging cloths
Fabrics for medical / hygienic use

Coating substrates
Upholstery fabrics for mattresses
Lamellar curtains
Laminating/sub-upholstery fabrics
Geotextiles, filter fabrics
Insulating materials
Furnishing fabrics