Stitch-bonding machines for nonwoven processing
The highly efficient production of mechanically bonded nonwovens by means of the MALIVLIES technology offers a low-cost manufacture of unmixed textile fabrics made of 100% fibers, showing very good product characteristics. pinkert machines MALIVLIES stitch-bonding machine is convincing by its simple and solid construction as well as by its very user-friendly operation. The distinctive features of this machine are its high production output as well as the outstanding appearance of the stitch side of these articles.

This machine offers well-tried quality by pinkert machines together with innovative solutions: Optimized driving elements
State-of-the-art materials and complex detailed solutions, especially for the drive technology and for the feeding systems, enable high machine speeds, whilst ensuring a gentle processing of the fibrous materials.

Special economic features
Along with innovative solutions in the drive technology and a lot of detailed technical improvements for operating cost reduction, the direct drive of a second main shaft and the use of CFRP bars (for working widths >= 4000mm) are the most remarkable elements, offering our customers a further increase in productivity and efficiency

Future-proof equipment
Thanks to KAMCOS® all the machines are easily operated by the modern Touchscreen control. Furthermore, you can monitor and control them within the company network and exercise a remote diagnosis via the Teleservice.

Solid and reliable
In spite of the various high-tech functions, our machines remain a typical pinkert machines product: durable, reliable and a masterpiece of engineering.


The MALIVLIES machine is a high-performance stitch-bonding machine for the mechanical bonding of fed fibrous webs by means of seam-like or surface stitch-bonding.

High working speeds and large working widths ensure enormous production outputs. In this way, it is possible to fully utilize the high performance of modern web-forming machines with continuous operation.

In principle, all cardable fiber kinds and fiber blends can be processed, also recycling fibers. The possibility of using a wide range of fibrous materials in combination with a high flexibility of machine parameters, such as machine gauge, stitch length and distance of laying in sinkers, ensures a perfect matching of the product to the market requirements, in terms of fabric appearance and strength behaviour in longitudinal/cross directions.

Special advantages of MALIVLIES products are their excellent draping characteristics and deep-drawing properties.

Moreover, the processing of 100% fibers results in very good recycling capabilities of MALIVLIES articles.